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Meal Extraordinaire of the Week: Lemon Cream pie!

This week, I craved for something sweet and delicious. As usual, I browsed Mel’s blog and found plenty of potentially awesome recipes to try. As my mouth watered, I did a lot of thinking and narrowed the list to five possible desserts:

  • Robert Redford Dessert. Don’t ask me where the name comes from; I just know that it looks and sounds delicious.
  • Tiramisu. I can’t remember at what age I started liking tiramisu, but who cares? Everyone knows that eating a well-made tiramisu can be an exquisite experience.
  • Chocoflan. I like chocolate; I like flan. What could possibly be better than both?
  • Coconut tres leches. Tres leches (and cuatro leches as well) has always been one of my weaknesses. I will do many things for you in exchange for some of this milky delicacy.
  • Lemon pie. When I Was a kid, this was my favorite dessert, so making it puts me in a nostalgic mood.

As you can see, I have somewhat of a sweet tooth; I have loved desserts my entire life. As a child, I used to say that my stomach was divided in multiple sections, of which the largest one corresponded to desserts. That way, even if I said I was full in order to not eat any more vegetables, I could still eat desserts.

To make my decision, I weighted the recipe complexity as well as the amount of ingredients I would have had to buy. Due to its simplicity, the lemon pie recipe was the winner. Like I mentioned before, eating lemon pie brings back some great childhood memories. When I was around 10 years old, my step-dad, my mom, and I came to the US for vacation. The trip was extremely busy; we stayed a couple of days in Miami and drove around multiple places including Key West; then, we flew to Las Vegas and rented a car to visit the Great Canyon and the Red rock canyon as well. Oftentimes, my mom would drive, my stepfather would sleep, and I would be sitting as the copilot. Whenever this happened, my mom would stop by a diner or a small restaurant on the road, and we would both go inside, leaving my stepfather fast asleep in the car; I would order a lemon pie and she would get something else, laughing at how sneaky we were. We had so much fun1. I miss them both greatly.

What a great trip down memory lane, but let’s get back to the cooking. Here are some pictures of the dessert without the whipped topping:
Pie out of the oven
and with the topping:

Pie with the creamy topping
Pie with the creamy topping

I was ecstatic with the result. There was enough lemon juice to make the filling refreshing, perfectly complementing the overwhelming sweetness of condensed milk. I will need a great deal of willpower to restrain myself from eating it all :).

[1] Not all of it was laughter. There was what we now call “The William’s Incident.” As we were driving towards the Great Canyon, we had to pass by a town called Williams. For some unknown reason, I was obsessed with going to Flagstaff, a small city nearby; I kept being annoying by repeatedly asking if we could stop on Flagstaff. My stepdad finally got sick of it, grabbed the map we were using, and hit me on the head with it; outraged, I didn’t speak again until we got to Williams. It was pretty hilarious.