Meal Extraordinaire of the Week: man-burgers!

It’s been a long time since my last entry; I’ve been busy doing research and watching Starcraft 2. This past weekend, there were too many tournaments for me to watch; however, my post here is about food. I will leave explaining competitive SC2 for another time.

I’ve been wanting to get a cast iron pan for a while now since I cannot have charcoal or butane grills in my apartment; I’ve read that cast iron skillets are great to cook meats. On Sunday, after being a great boyfriend and installing K’s AC, I finally caved in and bought a beautiful 10-inch pan. Right after doing that that, I decided to make hamburgers and quickly went to the butcher shop to get the necessary ingredients: ground sirloin, lettuce, tomato, good quality buns, and cheddar cheese.

Once I got home, I took everything out and started to work. Luckily, the pan I bought was pre-seasoned, so there was no need to spend time on anything else but the burger. While I preheated the pan in the oven at 350 F, I caramelized some onion rings by cooking the onion in a mixture of sugar and butter; in addition, I toasted the bread on the same pan I used for the onions and prepared the lettuce and tomato slice with only some salt. Once the pan was ready, I added a little bit of olive oil to it and put the seasoned 8 oz patty to cook. I don’t have the language proficiency in my mother tongue, let alone in English, to convey how delicious my kitchen smelled when the meat was being cooked. I flipped the burger after 3.5 minutes and added some butter to the top of the patty. After cooking the other side for 4 minutes, I put the cheese on top and let it melt. I took some pictures of the process as well as the finished product (shown below).

Lettuce, tomato, and onions:

Cooking the patty while keeping the bread warm in the back

Adding butter to the patty

My first try was a failure because the burger was completely raw inside; therefore, I learned that in order to get a properly cooked burger, I needed to make a thinner patty. On the second time, the hamburger came out juicy and a little red inside, just how I like it! Once it was ready, I made some iced tea and watch the finals of one of the SC2 tournaments I mentioned in the beginning. What a great Sunday!


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