Introduction to my blog

Hi! My name is Fernando. I am an electrical engineering PhD student focused on brain computer interfaces (BCI). More specifically, my lab’s objective is to improve the speed and reduce the inter-subject variability of BCIs. We currently have multiple applications in the works such as brain controlled wheelchair navigation, spelling interfaces with language models, etc. I am interested in machine learning, statistical signal processing, user interfaces, medical imaging, algorithm design and implementation, optimization, and parallel computing.  Besides working , I enjoy cooking, eating delicious food (kind of obvious as I don’t know anyone who likes unsavory food), action-packed movies, fantasy and philosophical books, playing the piano, and watching competitive Starcraft 2. I sometimes practice mindfulness-based meditation, although I should do it more consistently.

I plan to keep this blog diverse; one day I’ll write about math and engineering, but the following post might be about cooking. However, I do want to come up with at least one periodic topic for my posts. For example, I could do a bi-monthly review of an interesting paper I read or useful concept I learned. I’ll write about it when I decide.  One last thing, this blog will be updated regularly between 2 to 3 times a week, unless something comes up. I hope you enjoy reading my posts!


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